Chapter 1006: Yubu Island Water Buffalo Cart Ride (由布島の水牛車)

From Taketomi the only way to get to Yubu Island is via the Water Buffalo cart!! It’s only about a 15 min ride and it was the first time I have been on one. On the way to Yubu the buffalo stopped half way because it needed to poop haha. Then on the way back the guide was playing the sanshin and singing for us. The water buffaloes are so adorable, they always look as if they can’t be bothered but they’re so hard-working. Also, they’re very smart too!! I saw one of them flip the cart band over its own head and was ready to pull the carriage. The only thing I wished was that the weather could have been nicer!! I’ve been a lot of pics online and saw the waters look very blue/clear on a sunny day. But because it was raining the waters appeared to look more brown. Overall, it was extremely enjoying and fun!!


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