Chapter 1007: New Prince of Tennis x Zoff Anime Glasses (新テニスの王子様×ゾフアニメメガネ)

I saw that Zoff Japan were doing anime collaborations and just so happens it’s Shin Prince of Tennis (新テニスの王子様)!! The original series was a big part of my teenaged years because I fell in love with Fuji!! and truth be told…Kikumaru and Oishi are meant to be. The golden pair!! It was what kick-started me into attempting playing tennis… to look cool but never improved.
The package came complete with the Seigaku glasses case and microfibre cleaning cloth. It’s so cute!! Just look at them!! Oishi giving Kikumaru a piggy back ride! Also, it comes with a free gift! An exclusive badge.
Oh by the way, this manga I was re-reading is a one-shot story called R.I.P.: Requiem in Phonybrian by Mitsukazu Mihara (三原ミツカズ). I bought this manga a very long time ago for about 100 yen.
I decided on: the School Line Collection – Seigaku (青学) – ZH191008-72C. The frames were ¥7,700 and the anti-fog lens were only an extra ¥3,300. Total…¥ 11,000. I didn’t opt for the high index lens because it would have cost an extra ¥ 11,000 instead. So this time I skipped it to save a bit of money. I thought they were sophisticated looking and I knew they would be good quality. The lens come complete with a hard-coating that prevents scratches, a multi-coat that is anti-reflective and UV400 which says it cuts about 99% of ultraviolet light.
The colour of the frames are navy blue and the temples looks like a long tennis racket! To be honest I wasn’t sure if these were going to look too childish on me but I didn’t care.
Because I didn’t opt for the extra thin lenses you can see the lenses poking through a bit. But, they’ve very comfortable, light-weight and they don’t slip or slide.
Munchlax is my model of the day!! You can see there’s obvious distortion on the lens due to my strong prescription. However, I’m not too fussed on this occasion since I bought these specifically for when I need to wear a mask when travelling outside, and to ensure my lens don’t fog up easily. Sometimes when it’s boiling hot, and I have to wear a mask, not only does it make me light-headed but seeing my fogged up lens makes me wanna pass out as it creates panic and stress.
They’re a very sturdy pair and made with excellent quality. As expected. They sort of gives off a librarian or secretary vibe. A lot of glasses from Zoff are made in China but designed in Japan. They do have a made-in-Japan range but it’s quite expensive, 19,800 yen just for the frames…unless they had a sale then that would be a different story!!
I have a thing for rectangular block cases like this because it seems to have more space. A lot of oval type cases, seem to be a snug fit and sometimes I feel like I’m forcing my glasses in. Sometimes the frames appear to be black, the frames are surprisingly very subtle, and they suit whatever outfit I throw on.
It also came with a white anti-fog cleaning cloth plus a pack of non-prescription lens! Which is a big bonus! Also, a manual script on how to take care of anti-fog lenses.
Munchlax looks like he’s in a lot of if he’s getting kidnapped!!
I recently started using something called The Body Doctor AB Mask Reusable Antibacterial Mask which comes equipped with a slot for the PM2.5 filters. It’s a UK brand, developed and assembled in the UK and it’s great quality overall. The only colour they offer is this shiny navy blue which reminds me of my P.E. shorts I used to wear back in school. It matches my new glasses very well!! I’ve also used a lot of the Japanese daily PM2.5 ones, brands like Uni Charm, KOWA, and Fitty, which are very good quality and easy to breathe through, but I just wanted something reusable to save money and so I don’t have to constantly bin it after using them once or twice.
Overall, I’m very happy with my first anime inspired glasses to add to my collection!!


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