Chapter 1009: Yubu Island, Okinawa Bento Lunch

For lunch I had a lovely bento box of local Yubu Island food! Delicious pork slices, umibudo, boiled veggies, pickles, deep fried veggies, a slice of orange, Japanese jelly, miso soup and purple rice.
I love small portions of different dishes, this way I can can try many many flavours. Which makes eating so much much fun and interesting. It was actually my first time eating a fried shiso leaf, usually I put that in a sushi hand roll. The pork is very tender and covered in a delicious sweet sauce. I can’t get enough of umibudo, it’s so yummy!!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1009: Yubu Island, Okinawa Bento Lunch

  1. I’m glad you mentioned (and raved about) umibudo. Umibudo was one of the most unexpected culinary surprises of all my travels around the world. It’s definitely an “I can’t believe it’s seaweed” delicacy. Just amazing. I’ve only had it at Okinawan restaurants in Tokyo and it was great there. I can’t imagine how good it is in Okinawa itself.

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    1. I haven’t seen an English translation for it that many English speakers would recognize (like nori, for instance). It’s a kind of seaweed. But seaweed doesn’t have a very tasty ring to it amongst a lot of English speakers. Considering how surprisingly delicious it is, my favorite translation was on the menu of an Okinawan restaurant I went to in Tokyo: “Sea Caviar.” Wikipedia has a page for it that is kind of helpful. But trying it is the only way to truly appreciate it.

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      1. Thank you Todd! Actually seaweed and nori for me sounds amazing! In New Zealand, the Maori have something called Karengo which is grown in the shallows of the water in a specific part of the East Coast of New Zealand, it is incredibly tasty and nutritious. I am so keen to go to Okinawa and try this delicacy, I hope that they open up the borders to foreign travellers soon. My boyfriend and I miss Japan!

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