Chapter 1010: Yubu Island Botanical Garden (由布島植物園)

The garden is filled with so many tropical trees and pants!! I felt like I was in a forest. Although it was raining it was humid and my hair was all frizzy, it was a very long and damp day but fun as I enjoyed exploring the garden. It’s funny sometimes when I go to a place that is Japan but not Japan. There are some cool statues around, a lot of them are buffalos since Yubu Island is famous for them!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1010: Yubu Island Botanical Garden (由布島植物園)

  1. We went to Okinawa last year right before the castle burned. It was fun. It reminded us of a huge Saipan or Guam. We lived on Saipan most of our lives so it kind of felt like home.

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