Chapter 1016: Kohama Island Bus Ride

I met up with the driver who would be taking us around the small island. It got very windy and I was sitting on the bus hoping for the sunshine to come out. But it never did. I grabbed the front of the bus seat so I could get a better look at the view.
There were mainly green farms arounds and small little houses.
Pouring down…But still a good view!!
From the distance the blue waters are still pretty!
Even on a quiet island…In the distance at the end of the road…What do you see? Yes!! It’s a vending machine. Vending machine culture in Japan is something I love so much!! It’s just so easy to grab a cheap drink.
Here’s a fun fact about Kohama Island…There was a 2001 NHK TV drama series called Churasan was set and filmed on this island. I’ve not watched it but I heard it is famous.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1016: Kohama Island Bus Ride

    1. haha yes national treasures and the best thing ever!! Especially when its super late and things are close or you don’t wanna goto a convenient stores just to buy 1 drink…a vending machine is the answer 🙂


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