Chapter 1024: Taketomi Village Road

Taketomi Village Road is where the preserved Ryukyu village lays.
There were a lot of tropical trees, some grew bananas!!
The walls of the road are made up of rocks. Similar rocks found on the Star Sand Beach.
They use the water buffalo carriages to travel around. I think they have hotels here, some tourists come here to experience the traditional atmosphere of the village.
It was very very quiet, didn’t see that many people.
No matter where you go, the distinct orange roof tops are very eye catching.
There were a lot of these beautiful bright pink flowers. Some more bright than others.
These are called bougainvillea flowers and they look like original paper made to resemble many many petals…almost like a bush of pink butterflies.
Wouldn’t it be great to have these beautiful flowers in your garden?
This was a pathway, the sandy roads were wet from the rain so there were puddles around.
Some walls have shells!
Do you see it? A Shisa statue on top of the roof! I love them so much.


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