Chapter 1028: Waiting For My Boat At Taketomi To Ishigaki

At the port again!! It was so cold and wet. I think I waiting for about twenty minutes before my boat actually arrived. Inside the terminal waiting area there were some people also waiting.
There was a moment where I was thinking….if my ride doesn’t come then I’ll have to stay here. And also, if I get on the wrong boat to goto a different island then I may have to never leave….
There was a small fish statue there. And I dunno why but I like looking at blue water. Eventually my tide arrived and I hopped on giving the member of staff my ticket. It was as mother bumpy ride as the winds and waves got stronger. I’m hate fun fair rides so a bit of unnecessary motion got me feeling a little uncomfortable and anxious, but I gripped onto my bag all the way and made it to shore.


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