Chapter 1033: Ishigaki Airport to Naha Airport

I was a bit too early. Ishigaki Airport opens from 6:30am. It was pouring down with rain and a bit chilly. There was already 1 other person waiting outside with me and I couldn’t wait to go inside. I actually booked a taxi to go from the hotel to the airport simply because it was much easier.
No shops were opened so I sat by the empty ANA check in desks waiting for things to open. It was actually the first time I have been to an airport that was closed. There wasn’t much people around, just mainly cleaners.
When the ANA desks opened I finally checked in my luggage and proceeded to the gate after having a little browse around the small shops.
As always if there is an option I will take a window seat!! I like the ANA domestic flight process, you get to choose a seat upon checking in at the desk. I was at gate 6 and was heading back to Naha where I would be doing more exploring!! This was the most quiet plane I have ever been on, my original flight was actually cancelled – I was supposed to be on the flight an hour after this one. But looks like they couldn’t make the numbers so had to put me on the earlier one.


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