Chapter 1038: Ikei Beach (伊計ビーチ)

I knew that on a cloudy day that the beach would be quiet but I just didn’t know it would be completely empty. It was my first time being on a bigger sized beach alone.
This is not a free beach, you will need to pay when you arrive. I think the full admission fee was 400 yen but they only made me pay 200 yen on the day as said it was ok.
Yup, pretty much empty.
But look at that view!! I was so excited.
Not only are the waters so beautiful but even on a cloudy it’s still SUPER BLUE…Turquoise…Kinda green. Everything I love looking at!
Once the water comes onto the sand it’s so clear. I was mesmerised. It’s not every day I get to goto a beach and have it all to my self.
Some rocks…Apparently the water can get very deep so they have safety nets surrounding a selected area that is safe to swim in.
The sound of the waters…It’s the most relaxing sound in the world.
I wanted to stay here forever…It was so so so lovely…alone on the beach with no worries in the world. Clear my mind and forget the toxic work place.
Ikei beach is on a bay, across is Uruma.
The sand had many many seashells and pretty finds. I remember many years ago I went to a beach with my family and collected a whole bag of rocks and shells for no reason.
Sometimes I wish I could have this kind of view in my life more often…But I live in a busy city and something like this is very very precious to me. I will engrave the peacefulness in my mind and re-remember them when I’m having a bad day. e.g. Someone could be annoying at work but my mind is picturing this view!! The best escape. And, a breath of fresh air.
When the waters get deeper it turns into a beautiful and mysterious dark green. The waters look like polished marbled floors at times…Almost as if I could walk on…
I walked down to the south of the beach and there were some stone stairs where I could sit down…I was being careful, it did pop into my mind…You know the what if’s? What if I fall in.
Nope, made sure I was being careful. I know myself quite well and I am a little clumsy, sometimes I trip over my own two feet. This is the view of the beach from the south side.
When you are on the south side you get to see properly how clean the waters are. Just look at that, you can see the smooth rocks underneath, I didn’t however see any fishes.
In the distance there was an industrial site.
The wind was getting stronger and…
the waters splashing against the rocks was so cold!
I was sitting at the rocks thinking…
If it was a summery day with bright sun and blue skies…
Wouldn’t it look even more amazing?
Although I love sandy beaches, I hate the fact sand might get into my camera.
The last time I was in a sandy area…was Tottori, at the sand dunes.
There were these big-wheeled bikes I could rent and ride around the beach.
Oh yeah, I can’t swim. But wish I was a mermaid at times.
Finally, here is a panoramic photo I managed to capture on my phone.


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