Chapter 1040: Nakabaru Vestige (仲原遺跡)

One of the reasons I wanted to visit Ikei Beach was because I knew there was an old Okinawan historic site that had little ancient houses that have been preserved. Nakabaru Vestige (仲原遺跡) is only about a 2 min drive away from the beach but one of the local people told me it is difficult to find. My taxi driver drove into the road that was supposed to be the site but another sign said to go back. So you have to keep you eyes peeled. In the end we found it!! The entrance was a little concealed by the trees and bushes but the big stone axe is where you wanna go!!
The little huts gave me an opportunity to almost go back in time. It is an ancient location on Ikei Island close to the middle of Okinawa’s east coast. It dates back 2000-2500 years ago.
The huts are shallow to go down.
Going in was off limits because there were netting on the entrances of each hut but I could imagine always having to bend down and crawl in every-time I want to go home.
All the huts are made out straw, wood, bamboo and stones.
It’s fascinating that there was an ancient village here!!
It looks kinda cute.
I remember going to Shirakawa-go and they use a similar method of keeping the old homes warm.
So instead of a steep triangle roof, here at the Nakabaru Vestige they made it into a blanketed dome shape.
This was my first time seeing anything like this.
People have put nettings on the huts to help preserve it and keep it together.
I found this one hut to be slanted to the side.
It has a more narrow dome shape roof than the others.
Over here are some ruins. The stones of a hut that forms the lower layer of the homes.
Because it was raining it was was quite muddy around the patches of ground that had no grass.
Here’s a better view of that.
You know that ice type pokemon, Snorunt? ユキワラシ Yukiwarashi? Yeah, I couldn’t help but to think of it when observing closely at the roofs.
Over on the other side is an info map.
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Nakabaru Vestige. It’s just an amazing experience that I would take home with me.
And here’s a short clip.


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