Chapter 1041: Kafu Banta (果報バンタ)

Kafu Banta (果報バンタ) also known as the Happy Cliff. The journey to get here was slightly difficult. My taxi driver didn’t know where it was and accidentally took a wrong turn. So instead of going up he parked the car and said we may be needing to go down. I remember it being EXTREMELY MUDDY, the taxi was half covered in pure mud and our shoes were soaking wet from it. He led me down a path that was very narrow, almost dangerously slippery and said we are going down. Then within seconds he said to go back up because there was nothing but BIG BUSHES and LEAVES and he couldn’t see anything. Then we hopped back into the taxi and just so happens another taxi man was in the area with an elderly couple. My taxi driver asked for directions and then finally we saw the SIGN!! Small but surely it was it!! The place were I wanted to go yet it got so windy I couldn’t breathe!!
Standing on the balcony I caught a beautiful view of the happy cliff. The waters are so amazing even on a cold day. You can clearly see the rocks!!
You can see how windy it is with the white brush-stroke-like waters.
Isn’t it just so pretty?
Kafu Banta is located close to the sea salt factory.
On the other side you will see a building which I think was the factory.
And on the pathway there are some pretty flowers.


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