Chapter 1042: I Bought Made-In-Japan Glasses That Were Recycled From a JR Yamanote Line Train

I saw that Jins were doing a sale on their train collections: 【E235系×JINS made in SABAE】電車の端材から生まれたメガネ TYPE サハ(96) The E235 series is quite special, not only has it been recycled from a train but it’s the full set theme of the JR Yamanote Line (山手線)! It also came with a pair of non-prescription plastic lenses. The case is made from the same bright green and grey fabric you’d find on the train seats, just look at the patterns!! It’s extremely nostalgic! When you’re in Tokyo you should be quite familiar with this line, it’s the green loop on the map. When I was staying in Tokyo I would always take this line to get to and from Takadanobaba station. The case came with a cleaning cloth designed to look like the front of the train.
They were on sale for ¥8,000 and the full price was ¥20,000, it was a great bargain! I have to point out I got them with night PC lens which are mainly used for before going to bed, which is why it has a yellowish tint. It blocks out 62% of blue-light. I always browse through my phone when I’m in bed with the lights off. I read somewhere online that it’s common for people to feel awake when looking at their phones especially before bed due to the blue-light emitted through the screens. And getting up the next morning is almost impossible for me!
It’s equipped with 1.67 index. They had 3 variations, Kuha (クハ), Moha (モハ) and the ones I bought are Saha (サハ) which has the cute round frames.
Here’s a close up of the case. Just like the seats on the Yamanote Line…and the same texture.
They’re extremely light-weight and comfortable. The nose-pads offer great support and they don’t slip or slide. To be honest I wasn’t going to get these frames but in the end I thought it’d be pretty cool.
The temples also have the patterns of the train. For more than half the price, I’m happy I got them. Plus the prescription PC lenses came for free. I’ve bought from Jins before but they were ‘designed in Tokyo’ and ‘made in China’. These are the first actual Made in Japan glasses I’ve ever bought. The quality is amazing. It’s sturdy and so well made. So so so happy with them and it helps with eye strain and I’ve been sleeping better. I keep them by my bedside and the case is so cute. I think the concept of recycling a train into glasses is a freaking cool idea!!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 1042: I Bought Made-In-Japan Glasses That Were Recycled From a JR Yamanote Line Train

  1. Tofu, wonderful Post! I am glad trains are being recycled and made into hi-tech glasses. 🙂 I just got glasses with an antireflective coating that reduces blue light exposure. Interesting that your lenses are yellow! MIne have a very slight bluish tint. All the best! Cheryl ❤

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