Chapter 1044: Shirumichu Park (シルミチュー公園)

This is the empty path way up to Shirumichu. A beautiful and spiritual place.
In Ryukyuan mythology, Shirumichu is a holy place where there was a God called Shinerikiyo and the Goddess called Amamikiyo, they settle here to raise their beloved children and they were the first God’s of Kyukyu / Okinawa.
At the top of stairs you will see stone graves protected by some old steel bars.
Shirumichu is a sacred place for couples to come and pray for children and fertility. There is a donation steel box, you can put in some coins there.
Despite being so old, you can still see the patterns on the stone steps. It’s very well preserved.
It felt sort of eerie, it may have been because I was alone on a cloudy and rainy day….
Do you notice the purple cloth? In Japanese history I know purple was the colour for the ruling class and it was forbidden for ordinary people wear it. Also like many other countries in the world purple was a difficult colour to achieve and make thus making it expensive. That’s why if you look at all the flags in the world, it’s rare to see any country to have purple in their flag.
The site is very small. A few trees and a bench.
It was definitely an interesting visit.


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