Chapter 1045: Okinawa Sanpin Cha (沖縄さんぴん茶)

When you’re in Okinawa you can always find this!! Sanpin Cha! さんぴん茶! Which is basically Jasmine Tea. And one of my most beloved flavours of tea. This is the Orion branded bottle. Orion is an Okinawan brand and they do all sort of drinks from beers to sodas.
And here is the Okinawan Coca Cola branded version of Sanpin Cha which is also yellow and identical to Orion’s packaging. Jasmine tea is one of my favourites along with Matcha. It can be drank cold and it’s super refreshing. It can be drank warm/hot which is perfect after a meal or on a cold day. I love the light floral taste of Jasmine.


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