Chapter 1046: The Tomb of Amamichu (アマミチューの墓)

Next up I visited the The Tomb of Amamichu (アマミチューの墓) the creator of the Ryukyu Islands / Okinawan Islands.
This little island here, so small but surrounded by the pure cerulean waters is the place of where an Okinawan / Ryukyu god was said to have been buried. Amamichu. One of the original gods of the islands that created all the Islands.
It was raining all day but how is it…That even on such a day where the sky looks so nasty, the waters remain so pretty?
Over here there was a small wooden sign that says it’s slippery. 
I love the sound of water.
And I find rocks very interesting. Something like this that has been naturally formed.
Over in the distance you can see the long bridge. It connect this island, Hamahiga Island
It got a little foggy but you can still see Miyagi Island (宮城島), it is also known as Takanaharijima (タカナハリジマ) in the Ryukyu / Okinawan language and it means: a high and distant island. Simple and it totally makes sense because on Miyagi Island it has Kafu Banta (果報バンタ) which I visited on Chapter 1041.
The waves got a little more rough as it got windier.
I didn’t see any fishes.
But I was mesmerised by the pretty blue.
For a moment I thought this would be an amazing movie set.
There are some yachts nearby.
The coral rocks all have some greens growing on them.
Towards the side are some rocky stairs.
And what looks like a grave stone…
Over here was the Tomb of Amamichu, on the side it does appear like the rock has swallowed up a part of the shrine.
It is said that Amamichu was the Goddess and her husband was Shirumichu which was another God. I’m not sure if there is a tomb of Shirumichu as this was a specific location labelled only as the Tomb of Amamichu . Amamichu no Haka (アマミチューの墓) and it doesn’t mention anything about her husband but they were to have lived here a long long long time ago, and they produced a few children. I do love mythology and all sorts of historic places…Sometimes it leaves you with more questions than answers.
On the pathway back I noticed a dead fish washed up on the sand along with a lot of seaweed.
Here is a panoramic photo I captured of the view whilst standing on the stoney steps. The visit here was worth while. It’s a very beautiful and intriguing place.


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