Chapter 1049: Oslo Norway Dec 2019 – Part 2

It was going to be a Viking morning. I took the number 30 bus from outside the hotel to the Viking Ship Museum!! It was quite a quick journey to be honest, only about a 20 min ride!
I arrived a little early so it wasn’t ready yet. They open from 11pm and close at 4pm. Like many museums in Oslo, it’s common to open later and close early compared to other countries.
I dropped my bag off into the lockers for free and waited about 10 mins before staff started to open the doors.
Scanned my Oslo pass through their scanner machine and they gave me a paper ticket.
This was so freaking cool!! Look at that Viking ship!! How amazing!!
So well preserved.
It doesn’t actually look old at all.
In the corner were some remains of human bones.
You can climb some stairs to go to the top level to see the ship better.
This museum is on the Bygdøy peninsula and it is famous because it holds the world’s best preserved Viking ships!! It is a place where you have to visit.
Not only is this just a Viking Ship Museum it also holds viking old carts, old tools, historic textiles, household utensils, all in beautiful conditions. It’s amazing how well preserved everything is.
This was an interesting piece.
Over on the dimmer side of the room you get to see a long display of glass-cased utensils and tools.
A viking cooking pot! Which sort of reminded me of a witches cauldron.
Because I was one of the first people to arrive, the place was pretty empty, which is the best! I can’t deal with crowds.
They even have preserved viking boots made from animal skin. How they managed to preserve that is beyond my imagination. You’d think things like these would be all worn and torn by now.
At a certain time they will show a projection movie.
It was beautiful, as if going back in time to explore the lives of vikings as they sail on their ships.
Close by I walked to the Kon-Tiki Museum!! It’s only about a 15 min ish walk.
You can’t miss it. Once you see this statue you’re almost there.
This museum is famous because of Thor Heyerdahl. He sailed the Pacific Ocean on the Kon-Tiki during 1947.
It was literally empty when I arrived.
You get to explore more than just a ship. But also, things from island life like the Fatu-Hiva Island in French Polynesia.
The Kon-Tiki itself takes up one whole room!
Very well preserved and it’s fascinating how this actually set sailed from South America to the Polynesian islands.
The name Kon-Tiki may sound very strange but it’s name was from the Inca God Viracocha.
The Inca God Viracocha came from the Inca mythology of the Andres regions of South America. This god was known to be the God of the Sun and Storms. And Kon-Tiki (Con-Tici) was its original name. Thus giving such a ship a mighty name was very befitting for its purpose.
I then started to wonder around…
Came across a dark room with all sorts of eerie stone statues of faces!
This one spooked me the most.
Then there was a cave path way and you get to visit some marine life displays.
I recall there was a path in the cave where they were doing a documentary showing.
It almost doesn’t look real.
This little piece of display had 2 cute alpacas.
That’s that for Kon-Tiki! I went across the road to another museum. The Fram Museum,
The Fram Museum, Frammuseet is a history museum and it holds a freaking cool 19th century polar ship that you can go inside!! I was looking forward to this so much!
And that’s exactly what I did. To go onboard!!
I headed downstairs and there were waxed statues around. I believe this was the chief.
The pipes and engines etc. There was a seating area downstairs that were showing a short documentary.
When you come back up again you can sit here to see the amazing projections as if you were out at sea!!
I have a thing for ships, they’re so freaking cool!! I sat around here to admire everything.
I think this museum opens a little more early, at 10am.
Other than the ship itself you get to see many other things! Artifacts and also wildlife statues.
This was the view from the top floor.
And I really liked this display of miniature figurines depicting life in the snow!! It was a great experience and it’s nothing like anything I’ve visited before.


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