Chapter 1051: Oslo Norway Dec 2019 – Part 4

2 weeks after my first trip to Oslo I went back there again. This time I wasn’t at all well but flew anyway. I think this was the weekend before Christmas and it was freezing. Oslo was in the minus and I knew I needed to try my best to keep myself going. Obviously this was before the pandemic, I remember my colleague was off sick for a day because he caught some sniffles and must have passed it to me. I slept all the way through the flight.
After landing I knew exactly where I was heading. Since I had memorised my route already. Here was a photo of the plane with the snow covered background. When getting off the plane…there was an instant temperature drop. Good thing I was prepared. Puffy jacket, fluffy snood and UGG boots!
I took the express train from the airport to the central. It’s the fastest route and only takes 20 mins one way. A return ticket costed 396 NOK, so about £30. On the way it started to snow!!
I got to the central station and activated my Oslo pass. This weekend trip is a little more shorter than before because I booked an earlier flight back on the Sunday. So the Saturday was the only day where I would have time to do any remaining exploration!! They had massive Christmas tree at the station!!
I went to the Norsk Folkemuseum, The Open Air Museum. This is probably the coolest place to visit. Because it has all the old and historic houses!!
It really reminded me a little bit of Japan when I visited Shirakawa-go to see the old houses.
It was a very dark day with snow and rain…
Doesn’t it just look haunted?
You know that anime called Higurashi? The anime setting was inspired by Shirakawa-go. This had some of that horror vibe. I actually enjoyed watching the anime, it kept me hooked until the end to find out what on earth is going on?
I walked up on the hill to find the church!
It’s such a beautiful church. And resembles chocolate. Well, I think it looks like a chocolate sculpture…It’s very well preserved.  It’s called Gol stavkyrkje, the Gol Stave Church. This church was originally from Gol in the traditional region of Hallingdal.
The interior is small and narrow. Dark but well detailed.
I love the architecture of this so much. Such a beautiful small church.
I found a log hanging on the wall of a shed. It has eyes and arms, it looks like it would have a friendly personality.
I think some areas were under construction. Look at the base…piles of stones supporting the wood.
I had to be very careful, even with UGGs on, the ground was icy and very slippery.
I love the atmosphere…It really felt like I went back in time.
There was farm too.
Here’s a panoramic photo I captured on my phone.
Such a peaceful place. I appreciated it so much more because there wasn’t anyone around.
Here, I nearly slipped up. Luckily I didn’t fall.
I love wooden buildings like these, they’re so cute.
I was heading to the old town.
I wasn’t expecting to see an old gas station and car.
Cute right? I love small red cars!!
I entered an old wine shop.
Tiger Benzin is the vintage petrol brand name of Esso.
I love the old roof tops. It’s so pretty like the scales of a mermaids tail.
There was a small culture museum. Here I got to see traditional huts.
And also traditional nordic clothing!! Beautiful right?
And of course, a reindeer!! It was such a great experience being able to visit here.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1051: Oslo Norway Dec 2019 – Part 4

  1. Awesome place. Reminds me of the nice Nihon Minka-en museum (日本民家園) in Kawasaki city in Kanagawa Province. Definitely worth a visit for anyone in the Tokyo area.

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