Chapter 1052: Oslo Norway Dec 2019 – Part 5

The final part of my trip in Oslo. I decided to jump on the bus to the Teknisk Museum which is the Oslo Technology and Science Museum. From Oslo S, I took the 54 bus all the way. One way was about 30 mins. The museum is located up north from the city central. Plus it was included in my Oslo pass, free travel and free entry. I thought it would be interesting because I love transport and I knew they had a big section about old transport vehicles.
It was easy to enter, just scanned my oslo pass on my phone on the scanner and they printed out a paper ticket. The first area I visited was the instruments! I’ve actually never seen an old music player before. Yet they had so many!! So cool.
I went through and found the science area. This was the skeleton of siamese twins joint at the ribs.
Human bodies! It’ll be great for Halloween!!
Freaking amazing. This is a Benz Patent-Motorwagen!! These were widely used back in the days, they are known to be the worlds first production of automobile. Such a cool invention, after the horse and carriage and before a car.
At the transport section it’s freaking amazing!!!! I enjoyed visiting here so much.
Really cool airplanes hanging from the ceiling.
The place was pretty much empty when I visited. But it was busier in the science area downstairs with all the kids.
Motorbikes and cars!!
So cool!! I want to take a ride in one of these!
There is a massive steam train in the middle.
They even had a station, built with a road and lamp post. Almost as if I was stepping back in time. And I could really imagine it!!
Of course I had to visit the space section.
There was a model depicting when they landed on the moon.
There was a section with very realistic mannequins in a work environment.
The old telephone operator job. Fascinating right? How much we have progressed to smart phones.
I think the mannequins are too realistic!! A little creepy but they are beautiful. I love what they’re wearing.
An old plane!! It’s so amazing how we went from this to an actual aircraft that can carry hundreds of passengers.
Old bikes!! The ones with the big front wheel is called penny farthing, it was a symbol of the late Victorian period.
After a long day I went to check in at the same hotel CityBox. This time I booked a small room which is basically like an attic room. Very compact and tiny. But perfect for just one person. I wasn’t feeling at all well, and rested a little before pushing myself to go and grab some food.
The bed is very comfy!! And that night I did sleep like a baby. I like this room more than the bigger room. Plus it was cheaper. Just had to be careful not to bump my head since the ceiling was angled down.
Tiny little bathroom, but it was better than the other room because I wouldn’t get the floor all wet because this had a glass door to prevent the wash from spraying everywhere. The best thing after a cold day, is a hot shower!! Some youtube and rest. Around the evening I felt a bit better and wanted to finally visit the restaurant I’ve been meaning to visit.
This was a picture I took on my previous trip to Oslo to make sure I remember the name of where I will go to eat next time. Rorbua Aker Brygge. I didn’t know that the skewer was a seasonal thing and the waitress told me it ended. I really wanted to try their long skewer of mixed meats (Reindeer, Whale, Cattle and Moose).
I went for a black coffee for a drink since I was super tired. Plus water.
I ordered it with seafood soup. This was amazing. Creamy, with salmon chunks.
For the main I went with a steak with yummy veggies underneath. I was hoping to go for dessert to but my stomach was too full. With the Oslo pass I got an extra discount too.
Next morning, back at the station!! Here’s a full picture of the tiger statue!! Realistic right?
I popped into 7-Eleven for breakfast.
Yes, don’t judge me. Pizza. Most cafes weren’t opened that early on a Sunday. I checked online and most were opening around 11am or noon. After a night of sniffles, my stomach told me to go for Pizza.
My train ride to the airport!
This was delicious, Solo Super, very fruity and bubbly. I love sparkling orange.
Before my flight I was peckish. I went for a black coffee and a hot dog from the Food Truck Festival after security.
That pretty much ends my trip to Oslo.
This time, I couldn’t leave without bringing home a deer meat sausage to share back home.


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