Chapter 1053: Bremen Germany Jan 2020 – Part 1

This was a mini weekend trip to Bremen Germany during January 2020. I paid £19.98 for a return ticket with Ryanair which was a freaking bargain at the time. Before the pandemic I had a life. I would plan mini weekend trips to Europe and wherever cheap prices took me.
I was walking along the bridge after getting off the tram. I saw this lovely view of a windmill. At the time I didn’t know it was an actual cafe / restaurant until I returned that night when I did little research online.
I walked through the Wallanlagen park just to get a closer look at it. It’s called Mühle Am Wall, Am Wall Windmill.
I got to the city centre and they had a small market.
This is the Neptunbrunnen, the Neptune Fountain. It’s actually a fountain but unfortunately it wasn’t on at the time. The sculptor was Waldemar Otto.
The city centre is the most beautiful part of town. The building and statues are so detailed.
St. Petri Dom Is Beautiful isn’t it? It’s a Protestant/Lutheran church with a history of more than 1200 years.
The architecture is of early gothic style from the first half of the 13th century. I love gothic styled architecture, it reminded me of Belgium. I went to Belgium during May 2015 and I remember them having so many beautiful gothic buildings.
It was the early morning and already there were a lot of people around. I bumped into a lot of the people I was with on the plane. It’s a small town so I guess most of us had one thing in common, to go straight to the centre!
Here was The statue of Roland, 1404. The statue stands in the market square facing directly at the Cathedral’s direction.
Roland was the paladin of the first holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. He was the hero and protector of the city. The statue was carved from limestone. It looks pretty epic and reminded me of one of my current favourite anime and manga series, Black Clover. This statue really made me think of the first wizard king because he was turned to stone. Sometimes being an anime fan I can not stray away from relating something to anime.
I really like these old lamp posts. I find them very pretty. There is a tram rail that runs right through the centre. It’s quite interesting to see old and modern mashed together.
From this view, it shows the towns hall. I was heading to Böttcherstraße.
Böttcherstraße is the place to go to check out the historic street. It’s short, only 100m long but filled with many little cute shops. It is one of Bremen’s main cultural landmarks with buildings dating back between 1922 – 1931.
On the path in you will notice the golden Bringer of Light of 1936 by Bernhard Hoetger, it’s very eye catching and beautifully mounted into the old bricked wall. The art depicts a man falling from the sky whilst fighting a 3 headed beast with his long sword.
All of the buildings were very pretty and detailed. Here, I noticed some bricks stood out like a music box, you know the cylinder part? It reminded me of that.
Old historic streets like these, a little narrow…it feels and looks magical.
There’s a sweet shop called Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur. Just outside there is a horizontal pole that has the towns musicians! Koki the rooster, Lupo the dog, Burlón the cat and Tonto the donkey. I was intending to go find the bronze statue in the towns centre but for some reason I couldn’t find it, so I popped into the tourist info centre to grab a map. The lady told me a lot of people may find it difficult to find because it’s not as big you’d expect.
Beautiful stained-glass at Böttcherstraße under the arch.
The street is also known as Coopers’ Street.
The architectural designs are a mix of brick gothic, expressionism and art deco. Although it’s a small street, it’s worth the visit. During the 2nd world war Böttcherstraße was damaged and was restored by 1954. It is regarded a historic monument, and now has not only shops but they have restaurants, workshops and also museums.
This was a sculpture also by Bernhard Hoetger, the piece is titled Puma carrying the Day.
Finally I found it!! It was actually located towards the left side of the towns hall. And, indeed it was much smaller than what I had thought.
This is like one of the symbols of Bremen. The Town Musicians of Bremen is a famous German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm from 1819.
Not only was it smaller than what I had in mind but it is narrow.
But, nevertheless it’s adorable!!
I later visited St. Petri Dom, St. Peter’s Cathedral.
I found pretty piece of a clock.
Like all cathedrals, it’s always so pretty. Tall ceilings and long arched windows.
Of course, there has to be stained-glass.
From here do you see the Musicians?
This was another fountain I found, but it wasn’t on. It was like a common theme.
I found a man-hole cover. It’s pretty, with a key logo.
And that’s that for part 1, I will blog about part 2 soon!!


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