Chapter 1054: Bremen Germany Jan 2020 – Part 2

I was actually staying the night at a hotel called, Best Western which was a little north-east from the centre and only a 10 min walk away to get to the towns hall. This was a monument of Heinrich Heine, a German Poet.
Bremen canal. It was a nice little stroll.
Pharmacy…and a basement shop.
Hirt Mit Schweinen, Shepard with Pigs. One of Bremen’s popular statues from 1974 by Peter Lehmann.
It’s super cute!!
Schnoor is the place goto in Bremen!! It is the oldest district in the city that is made up of little pathways with 15th and 16th century buildings.
There was this little shop that had all sorts of cute things.
I found this yellow telephone booth filled with plants! It was quite unusual and not something I’ve ever come across. I guess it makes sense to use it as a display box. Even back home in London I don’t see a lot of telephone booths anymore, but we do have one down the road that’s obviously broken and damaged, it’s just there because no one bothered to remove it.
Down the path of the pretty old streets.
Narrow pathways…
The houses are so cute.
The cobbled streets, arched roofs…It felt almost as if I had entered a doll’s world. Just that it was live-sized.
The towns musicians!!
The entire area was filled with cute little shops, houses, restaurants, cafes and art galleries.
Over here I noticed the statues coming out of the wall!
The entire area is well preserved and maintains its medieval character.
I found a small tunnel way and popped through to see what I could find?
It was filled with beautiful art pieces.
Vivid colours and it was like a little free gallery.
It even had tiny Russian dolls.
This was my favourite piece. I love the colours so much, it gave me a very calm feeling.
I found this really cool metal display just outside a gallery.
Through the closed gate of another narrow pathway was a sitting statue.
I’ve never been down narrow pathways like this before.
I kept going to see what I could find? It was almost like a little treasure hunt.
This building here reminded me of a biscuit? It might just be because of the brown colour and from this angle it looks flat.
Over this way there was a huge lollipop.
It was another Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur.
There was a strange statue here. It is the Die fröhlichen Badenden, the Jolly Bathers from 1986 by Jürgen Cominotto a German sculpture. I found it on the street called Stavendamm close to Schnoor, just outside this pretty house called Schifferhaus which is actually a private museum.
Just look at all the pretty houses!! So adorable and cute.
This was a restaurant called Gasthof zum Kaiser Friedrich, I had this one on my list to try traditional Bremen food.
In the end, I didn’t go to Gasthof zum Kaiser Friedrich. I decided to go to this little gem called Gaststätte Kleiner Olymp!! I was very attracted by the exterior design.
The pretty blue door somehow made me think of Alice in Wonderland. I forgot to take a picture of the hotel I was staying at Best Western which was a cosy place to stay in town. From the hotel it took only 15-20 min’s by foot to reach here. They are opened from 11am to 11pm.
The interior design is so cute. Wooden furniture, old and very enchanting.
There’s also an upstairs.
On the wall there was a massive painting which looks like it was portraying a feast or party.
At Gaststätte Kleiner Olymp they had a lot of options. I went for the Onion Soup.
It was made with a layer of cheese on top.
It was the best onion soup I have ever had. It was only 7.50 euros.
Knipp is a traditional Bremen sausage. It is usually eaten with roasted potatoes (hidden underneath), pickled cucumber, and apple compote. I got the dish with an egg on top. You can also get this dish without the egg for 1 euro less. This was 14.50 euros.
Absolutely delicious!! I was very very happy. Also the customer service was amazing, the lady who served me was extremely friendly and welcoming. After a satisfying breakfast I went for a walk. Because it was Sunday many places were unfortunately closed. I remember on the Saturday I did go into a big department store to hide from the rain and noticed many places allowed pets to go into the shops.
I found this church.
It was called St. Johann Kirche, St. John’s Church. It was a Franciscan abbey church from the 14th century.
The interior was very pretty! A white and tall hall.
Beautiful narrow stain glassed windows.
Very beautiful church.
I managed to capture a tram coming through to the city centre.
I found shelter at Lloyd Passage. It is a shopping mall. Most shops were closed.
Outside the mall was this interesting statue. I’m not sure what the statue is about or who it is but I can not UN-SEE the white egg!
Inside the mall there was the hall of fame.
There were many gold hand prints of celebrities on the floor.
Inside of the mall is made of glass and metal. There were many pigeons that were flying around and of course bird poop.
They had the celebrity pictures all along the walls.
I wondered around in the rain and found this building that has a cool a painting of the back of someones head with plats in their hair.
I also found spider-man!!
Christmas light displays of the towns musicians.
Yup, next I went directly to the Am Wall Windmill!! The upstairs was closed so people could only sit on the bottom. It’s such a cute restaurant / cafe. Fun fact, it was originally constructed back in 1699 but it was unfortunately destroyed by a fire, then rebuilt in 1898.
It wasn’t entirely busy but it was difficult to get the attention of the waitresses. When I entered I went directly to the bar side to ask if I could get a menu, a nice lady took me to my seat.
I ordered black coffee. Which is exactly what I needed.
I decided on this!! A delicious berry with ice cream dessert which came in a little ceramic pan.
It was absolutely delicious with the vanilla ice cream, gooseberries…It wasn’t too sweet and very fruity.
It became empty quickly as people left. The atmosphere was beautiful and very relaxing. It was a shame they closed the top floor at the time. There was another lady that came in after me, she sat towards the arched window doors with her small cabin luggage, she did look like she was in a hurry. It took a long time for her get a menu and by the time she decided what she wanted she couldn’t get service so she ended up leaving instead.
I took the tram to the airport.
Checked in and grabbed a bottle of Mezzo Mix. I later learnt it was part of the Coca Cola Company, it’s just coke with orange. My overall trip to Bremen has been a good one. If the weather wasn’t so wet and cold, I would have liked to do more walking.


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