Chapter 1055: I Went to Hogwarts in Jan 2020 – Part 1

As a kid I never liked Harry Potter. I was never into the books or movies despite everyone around me kept raving about it throughout school, college and university. I was just not interested at all, I think I was just so consumed with anime and manga that I didn’t have time. About 2 Christmases ago, I was bored and I was off work for about a week. Then randomly I decided to binged watched all the Harry Potter movies and I was HOOKED but not crazily. Then I realised, oh damn I missed out big time! During mid January of this year I went to the Warner Bros Studio to check out the making of Harry Potter. Just outside the Watford station was the bus stop to the studio. To board the bus we had to show our ticket and then pay £3 for a return journey. The bus ride took about 10-15 mins.
Upon entering there was a gigantic dragon hanging from the ceiling!! That was epic. I’d like one of these hanging outside my front door to welcome the postman.
One of the first things we saw was Harry’s bedroom, the cupboard underneath the staircase. If they ever did a Harry Potter Anime, I would watch it for sure!
There was a wall of posters showcasing all the movies.
Coming through to the theatre we were giving a brief introduction and welcome speech. We were here on the 18th of Jan so we made it to see: Hogwarts in the Snow.
Next was the food hall. It was filled with beautifully decorated Christmas trees.
I wish all schools had a nice food hall. I wish I went to Hogwarts for real so I wouldn’t have had to study such tedious subjects.
The decorations were so pretty with all the food laid out.
The eagle holding a fire cauldron looked so epic.
A few minutes after entering the hall, fire was magically lit to a bowl of coal!!
The dazzling ice-like Yule Ball Castle was one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.
Not only pretty, but very magical.
They had the costumes from the goblet of fire yule ball on display. Still my favourite is Hermione’s dress.
This was part of the story were Harry had a crush on Cho. To be honest I think Harry x Hermione should have gotten together, it made much more sense to me. I just felt pairing Ginny with Harry was like an out of the blue decision. I wasn’t happy about the couples in the end. I was rooting for Harry x Hermione or Harry x Luna.
The dessert table looked so cute and cool. Chocolate mice!!
The main area had so much to see!! I tried to capture this as a panoramic photo on my photo, my hand wasn’t as steady as I thought it was so there is a bit of distortion.
The Prefects’ Bathroom taps!! I actually didn’t remember it being so bright and colourful.
The dorms.
I don’t what it is but looking at the dorms made me feel nostalgic.
Wonky corridor.
The potions class are the best!! One of the things I love about the series is the potions class.
Snape!! Best character always. Like many I didn’t like him at the beginning until the truth was revealed, it made me fall so deeply in love with him and I felt so guilty that I misunderstood him.
If science class in school was this great…if only..
Next up was one of the best places…
The mighty phoenix bird statue at the entrance of Dumbledores office!! It looked so epic as if it could come alive!
Dumbledore’s office!! Beautiful design and so freaking cool. Imagine having your own office that looks like this…I would be extremely happy.
The massive pendulum clock from The Prisoner of Azkaban is so cool!
The Gryffindor common room with the main character’s casual clothing on display.
All the wands!! My favourite is Sirius Black’s wand, it looks like a majestic chop stick, also he is one of my favourite characters. And also Luna Lovegood!!
The amazing and iconic Fat Lady’s portrait!
Inside Hagrids home.
Quidditch! The football or rugby of the Wizarding world.
The moving trophies were fun to look at.
They also had a green-screen area and you can record yourself flying on a broom!
The Chamber of Secrets snake door!
And of course one of the most unforgettable scenes in the movies, when Ron stole his dad car and him and Harry flew to Hogwarts.
The Weasley’s kitchen. It had a moving sink and chopping knife.
Tom Riddles Gravestone is probably the best gravestone I have ever seen. Look at that the detail.
Ah…This was one of the creepy scenes. Charity Burbage being killed.
It was painful to watch this, Snape couldn’t do anything here as he was under Dumbledores plan so Charity had to be sacrificed. I felt so sorry for her.
The one and only character I actually hated so much that I wanted to punch the screen. UMBRIDGE!!
The Magic is Might statue in the Ministry!
Next up was the forbidden forest. One of the first things you’ll notice is a centaur.
And Hippogriff!! So cute!!
Also Aragog hiding. The studio is very big and this was just half of the journey. I will blog about part 2 soon!!


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