Chapter 1058: Rim Metal Lilac Demi Glasses from Jins Japan

These weren’t on sale at the time but the other variations were. I think the black ones were a bit cheaper. These are full metal rim glasses and the colours are so adorable. They’re multi coloured (listed as Lilac Demi) with beautiful pastel shades of pinks and blues. 【Rim Metal】リムメタル(172) – ライラックデミ
When I saw these I knew I had to get them. The frames were ¥12,000 and I added on the Pro computer filter lenses which came for free during their promotion. If the glasses are not from a collaboration collection then it will come in a choice of a black or red case. I picked the red one. Came with a thick grey cleaning cloth too.
The bridge is high up and I’ve never had a pair of glasses quite like these before. They’re super cute too and very stylish. They’re light weight and comfortable to wear all day. The colours remain quite subtle. From afar the colours sort of mesh together and appear like a light shade of grey/silver.
The over-size look is just so stylish and I’ve become a bit obsessed with big glasses!
Because the frames are big, even with thinned down lenses it still appears to be thick with my prescription but these are so light and comfortable!! I love the style of these so much. If I didn’t have a strong prescription then these would be PERFECT and would look much better! The temples are a matte gold but appears to look silver depending on the lighting. Overall, I’m very happy I bought these.


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