Chapter 1059: Rim Metal Mint Green x Pastel Glasses from Jins Japan

These are the semi-framed versions I got. I was confused at first because I wanted both the lilac version and the mint green version: 【Rim Metal】リムメタル(242) – ミントグリーン×パステルデミ. In the end I picked the mint green colour (listed as mint green x pastel demi) because I thought it looked much cuter. These were on sale for ¥8,000, the full price was ¥12,000 so it’s a pretty good bargain.
I also added the pro computer filter lens on top which blocks out 51% of blue-light and it’s recommended for prolonged use on the computer, which is basically my life…All day everyday. This particular frame has 2 bridges and the lower half is rimless. It’s got a bit of that aviator style. For these glasses I picked out the black case this time. And I think it’s a mistake, because the material used on the black case will pick up a lot of dust and it’s hard to remove.
I don’t often buy semi rimless or rimless but these are very very cute and stylish! The over-sized look works well with a lot of outfits. Munchlax don’t have eyebrows…now he does!!
Although Jins automatically thins their lens. My lens turned out pretty thick. Then again it’s because the frames are so big, they do feels a bit heavy and, uncomfortable when wearing them all day despite them being made with 1.67 index. However, I do love the design…It’s got pretty pastel colours that look like marble! These frames are designed in Tokyo but made in China. The quality is very lovely, flawless and the nose-pads offer great support as it prevents the frames from sliding, but it does leave red marks on my nose because of the heaviness. I think they’ll be much more comfy for people who have a mild prescription.


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