Chapter 1061: Copenhagen Denmark Jan 2020 – Part 2

Next I was heading to see the little mermaid, on the way I would be able to see Kastellet which is one of the best preserved fortresses in northern Europe. On google maps you will find a star shape which is basically where I was heading. The last star looking shape I’ve seen on google was at Goryokaku and the tower in Hakodate Hokkaido. Passing by I found this church, I wasn’t sure what the name was, it was quite a pretty building from the outside.
Found a sign pointing me towards the Kastellet. I remember there being cafes and a lot of people in this area. Mainly tourists.
Just before entering the Kastelle stands a statue of a soldier, it is a memorial for those who have died in Allied or Danish service during world world 2. It is called Vore Faldne, Our Fallen.
Across the water is St Alban’s Church, an Anglican church.
Kastellet Bridge…I think there were 2 entrances. One at the north and one at the south. I came in through the south side.
Kastellet arch…
I entered through and here was all the red buildings connected to each other left and right. Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste, the military base.
You will come across a yellow building with a flag pole outside. It is the Hjemmeværnsfonden, Military Archive.
Then there’s another yellow building with a small clock tower, this is the Lutheran church.
This was the Kastelsmøllen, Windmill at Kastellet. Apparently the construction was initiated by King Christian IV. Apart from the military base of red bricked houses, this is also a symbol of Kastellet,
There was also a cannon!! I don’t know why I just forgot the word CANNON! I had to google it and I typed in bomb shooting weapon thing. It’s definitely not a word I use very often but I knew what it was. I think during this pandemic, I’ve become dumber. Just recently I bought my friend a 150cm dakimakura and a live-sized BTS Jimin cardboard cut out. The cut out was fine because it came folded in 3 sections. But the dakimakura (hugging pillow)…after I checked out online I thought …ohhh why did I never buy this for her because it was in my wishlist for a long time….Ah…then I realised it’s freaking 150cm long. I folded it in half and put it in my suitcase and wheeled it over to her home. I could have got it delivered to her home but she might reject the parcel if she didn’t know what it was and other people live there. So yeah I think I’m becoming dumber. Just not thinking things through properly.
Anyway…When I was at the windmill, there were a group of guys on bikes cycling around. It’s a nice area, peaceful and and very spacious. The windmill reminded me of Bremen when I visited the cafe there. Windmills are really cute.
Random bike on the grass…
The cobbled streets and endless red houses…almost feels like a movie set.
I was amazed how well everything was preserved. Everything looked brand new.
I noticed that in Copenhagen there are a lot of smoke towers…This was one of my favourite pictures I managed to take. The church with its reflection on the waters.
Next I came across the Gefionspringvandet, Gefion Fountain. It was dry at the time.
The statue is based of a myth depicting the legendary Norse goddess called Gefjun. She was the goddess who ploughed the island of Zealand out of Sweden.
There was a statue of the Danish King Frederik IX.
There was also a statue of Princess Marie of Orléans. The princess was French but she married into the Danish royal family, to Prince Valdemar of Denmark who was the youngest son of King Christian IX.
Ivar Huitfeldt Column is a monument to Ivar Huitfeldt and 600 of his men, they gave their lives to fighting the great northern war sea battle against Sweden back in 1704. The column can be seen from with an angel on standing on the top. It was created Vilhelm Dahlerup in 1886 standing near the port.
I finally reached the Little Mermaid. When people say Copenhagen, the first thing that pops into my head is mermaids!
It was like many have told me, smaller than expected. It’s only 1.25 metres. My dad told me that it was prone to vandalism, it was defaced and decapitated many times but they always restored it. My dad also said when he visited Copenhagen the mermaid was missing an arm. Luckily when it was my turn to see it, it was the full thing.
There were people kayaking. When I was walking by, there a woman trying to take a close up picture of a swan, the lady fell into the water but thank goodness it was shallow so only her trousers got wet and a man nearby helped her.
I took a slow stroll back through Churchillparken.
Along this path there were monuments and some statues.
Not sure which statue this one was, but it looked very epic like a scene out fo a movie.
That’s it for part 2, I will have part 3 up soon!!


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