Chapter 1062: Copenhagen Denmark Jan 2020 – Part 3

As part of the Copenhagen pass I got to visit the Design Museum Denmark with free entry. And I don’t know why but it was almost a nightmare. I work as a purchasing admin for an ergonomic chair company, I took the weekend to visit Copenhagen to get away from all that…And here I was bombarded by the things I see too much of. Chairs. How could I have not known? We have a lot of suppliers from Denmark that specialise in chairs and desks. But, it was still fun visiting.
Unique designs…They don’t look ergonomic or very comfortable. But you see that wooden shelf in the back? That looks very cool!
Chairs, chairs…everywhere.
Moving further in… I found fashion.
I like the black outfit. Not sure about the blue bodysuit or puffy hay stack.
Bamboo bike!! It looks very cute.
I’m not sure if this was meant to look like an angel but it looks like something from a horror movie.
Ceramics! It’s also so lovely to see beautiful vases and pots.
There was a small Japanese section…
Some furniture designs were pretty. I like this clean and simple design. It would make a great waiting area in a salon, meeting room or I think it’ll work in a cafe.
The Danish Chair.
The Danish are famous for their chairs. Instantly remembering each and everyone of our suppliers…
I went into the hall of fame but…it’s the hall of chairs.
There is a kind of phobia out there called epiplaphobia / furniturephobia which is an extreme fear of furniture, mainly chairs.
So many!!
I love wooden furniture, but it’s not the most comfiest.
The designs all look so simple but you can see it’s made from great attention to detail and quality.
I found a grand piano. This is called the PH Grand Piano design in 1930 by Poul Henningsen.
More chairs…This one with the fur layer actually looks quite warm and cosy.
And these little figurines are so adorable!!
Very interesting design of a Spherical Bed by Kaare Klint, 1938. You know what would be even cooler? Is to sleep in this bed and have the sphere cancel out sound. Then I’d wouldn’t have to be so sleep deprived when my neighbours are being noisy at night. The worst is when their kids start crying, screaming and the parents have an argument at 2am.
Plenty of pottery. I don’t know what it is but it’s quite satisfying to look at a room full of vases.
A massive bird cage.
with beautiful sculptures of birds…
Many vintage posters.
Once you see it you can not un-see it. The pancake face -__-
On this floor I found a whole room dedicated to ceramics.
Since the museum was founded in 1890 they collected a very impressive amount of ceramics.
3000 pieces of ceramic artworks date back to 1700-1880.
I really like this one. Mer-people but with tail legs. The perfect them for Copenhagen.
There was a disco room.
There was a fashion section for Vogue magazine and there was this prickly jacket on display. Not a practice piece of clothing but I wouldn’t being a porcupine, might be a great weapon of social distancing.
Many different projectors and light machines.
Mannequins on the cat walk…
A mirror area! It was cool seeing pretty lights.
I actually wasn’t sure what on earth these things were but they looked funny…I would love to build an army.
These little creature pillows were so adorable and I was very tempted to get them but thought…No no save your money for buying snacks to bring home. Since I only had 1 medium backpack and Ryanair would make me pay more if I had an extra bag of stuff.
Love saves the day. But love can not save my swollen feet.
Next I visited the Frederik’s Church. It’s also known to be called the Marble Church or in Danish, Marmorkirkenn. It’s famous for its pretty rococo architecture from the 18th and 19th century.
It is an Evangelical Lutheran church that you have to visit when you’re in Copenhagen. I absolutely love the beautiful copper green dome, it looks like a CAKE! It is also the largest church dome in Scandinavia. On the front you can see bold golden words that read HERRENS-ORD-BLIVER-EVINDELIC which means: the word of the Lord endureth for ever, taken from the bible. Also on the top is a dome lantern with a cross.
It was a quiet day and the interior is so pretty!!
I love the ceiling…So pretty!!
The organ loft.
and… the altar…the dimmed lights really set the mood making it feel very peaceful.
The equestrian statue at Amalienborg.
The statue of King Frederick V stands in the middle of Amalienborg Square.
From behind you can clearly still see the church in perfect view.
I spotted a guard with his fluffy hat.
On the other side of the river you will see a big white glass building, it is the Copenhagen Opera House.
It reminded me a bit of the one in Oslo.
Walking along the riverside I found the Navigator ship. The ship has a long history and is described to be a unique and traditional riveted ship.
On my path I found this restaurant to have a cool Christmas tree made from many many empty wine bottles.
I found cool art on a building about Pepsi.
I was on my way to the Round Tower and found this clock.
I arrived at the Round Tower! or Rundetårn in Danish. It’s a tall brown building that you can’t miss. It is one of the famous landmarks in the city and dates back to 1642.
Formerly it was known as Stellaburgis Hafniens. It was one of the many Christian IV’s architecture projects in the city and it was originally made to be an astronomical observatory.
It was part of my pass and it was a very busy day. The street that it was on was a shopping street full of shops and busy people.
One of the first stops I came to was a church. It was sealed off by glass so no one could go in. Very pretty and look almost magical with a big and beautiful chandelier.
One of the unique things about the tower is the fact…there were no stairs. It’s just a spiral hill you have to walk up.
This was by the seating area where most people took a break. I had to admit at this point from walking all day non-stop…I was dead tired. So I stopped by this point to get a glance of the view of the roof top.
Reaching the top you get to have a great view of the city. There were a lot of cranes…
And of course a telescope since the tower was meant to be bringing you closer to the stars.
There was a pretty display here of the star signs. I’m not a great believer of star signs but it’s definitely cool!
By this point my legs were numb. And my feet a were a bit swollen, I was wearing my new Dr.Martens in hopes to break into them as soon as possible. I headed to the hotel I was staying at, crossed the busy street and found a statue of lions. Not a good picture, but it depicts a lion and lioness fighting over a wild boar.
I was staying at the Richmond hotel which is located closely to Vesterport Station. The staff here were extremely friendly and polite. The bed was so comfy and cosy I slept like a baby. But I hated the shower….I hate this kind of bathroom because whenever you shower the water goes everywhere… just like the hotel I was staying at in Oslo…I rested for the night, and relaxed my swollen and sad looking feet. The next day I had plans for breakfast at PUK and another museum visit before my 24 hour pass expires.


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