Chapter 1066: Budapest Hungary Feb 2020 – Part 2

Taking the route down next to the river I was heading to Budapest Central Market Hall. From here google was saying it’ll take about half an hour to walk to the market via crossing the Liberty Bridge. The picture up here is the Széchenyi Chain Bridge.
Walking by the Várkert Bazár, Castle Garden Bazaar.
Beautiful architecture.
There was a boat passing by.
On top of the mountain you can see a statue. It is the Szabadság szobor, Liberty Statue that is at the hill top memorial to remember those who have fallen during the war.
I was approaching closer to the bridge that I needed to cross…
And I found the Rock Chapel! I’ve actually never seen anything like this before.
The Liberty Bridge! In Hargarian: Szabadság híd. It connects Buda and Pest across the River Danube.
Better picture of the mountain and you see the Liberty statue too.
The river and the skies were so blue!! I love it when they’re just as blue as each other!
At the top you can see an eagle sculpture.
On the Liberty Bridge you can see the Erzsébet híd, Elisabeth Bridge.
I arrived at the Central Market Hall not really expecting anything apart from a market selling food or souvenirs etc.
It was busy inside!! Crowded and hard to move around as people were all over the place.
There were a lot of food stands.
There are many little shop stands selling all sort of items like souvenirs.
It looks like an old rail station. One of the things I found interesting was the fact a lot of places in Budapest accept cash only. Many stores even welcome Euros instead of Hungarian forint. I guess it’s just that when they exchange the Euros they get more back into their own currency?
The market hall was built in 1897 and it is known to be Budapest’s more prettiest market.
The food was very tempting but I wanted to visit a restaurant called Lángos Papa a little later on so I didn’t want to spoil myself.
The food stalls were so packed with people. The eating area was so full, people were just standing to eat. I’m not sure if these were all traditional Hungarian foods? Or just commercial fast food?
Stuffed cabbage? Purple cabbage? Chillibean, Hungarian Pasta, Hungarian meatballs..Bacon and cheese sausage?
Some demo food on display…
And hot dogs on display.
This is the white marble statue of Mihály Vörösmarty (1800-1855) sitting on the top. He was a famous Hungarian poet.
It all looks like it could come alive any moment.
Ferris wheel!
St. Stephen’s Basilica
It is named after the first king of Hungary.
The St. Stephen’s Basilica wooden door features 12 Apostles.
Beautiful golden details on the ceiling. The line to go in was extremely long at the time and a a big group of tourists were shoving me and it was super crowded!! I decided to go for a late lunch for now. Part 3 coming soon.


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