Chapter 1067: Budapest Hungary Feb 2020 – Part 3

Late lunch! At Lángos Papa! I actually missed the restaurant and walked a little further down by accident. They had some scaffolding surrounding the front so I didn’t see it at first. The staff are so friendly and lovely here. Luckily I had Hungarian forint on me because I knew many places are cash only. There were 2 separate couples that came in a little after me, they asked the waitress if they took card? And sadly nope. The shock on the other couple’s face was obvious, they had to go make a withdrawal. I guess it wasn’t too obvious on the outside of the shop. But on the menu they do list the items in forint and euros because they were accepting Euros too.
I went for a 3 course meal.
I needed a latte .
Free bread!
First, I had the soup. The Goulash (gulyás) soup is a traditional dish in Hungary and I had to try it. My colleague recommended this.
It’s made with veggies and delicious chunks of beef.
Lángos. The Hungarian pizza basically. Usually eaten with garlic, cheese and sausages. I was at first wanting to try just the cheese and sour cream one but I decided to go for something adventurous. Lángos with Deer Stew! And I can tell you…It was so freaking delicious, I loved it so much!! The portion was a bit too big for me but the staff member said she is happy to pack it away in a takeaway bag so I can eat the rest later.
Traditional Hungarian dessert! Somlói sponge cake. Extremely soft sponge and filled with delicious chocolate (not too sweet) and whipped cream. Love this so much!! I paid a total of 5140 HUF (about £12.00 at the time). Cheap right? I was extremely happy with the food, the service, the prices… If I come back to Budapest I want to make a 2nd visit for other items on their menu!! And of course try other places too.
I was stuffed and needed to walk it off. I wanted to walk to the riverside first to take it easy. Found this interesting sculpture.
Hungarian Parliament!
Beautiful building.
The Statue of Gyula Andrassy is located in front of the parliament building.
The riverside!
So lovely!!
Here I wanted to have a good view of the mighty parliament building.
The building was built with gothic revival style.
It doesn’t look like a parliament building at all. More like a palace!
The details looks so magical.
There were a lot of people here just simply chilling or eating. The entire area had a more relaxed vibe.
Found them!! The Shoes on the Danube Bank. It is a memorial site to remember and honour the holocaust victims who were massacred in the 2nd world war by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen (1944 and 1945). The history here is absolutely terrifying and sad. The people were told to take off their shoes then they were shot at the edge so their bodies fell into the river.
I got a bit teary when I was on my phone looking at why the shoes are here.
Some people left flowers in between shoes.
There’s 60 pairs of shoes on the bank….Just 75 years ago innocent people lost their lives. There were different styles and sizes, mens, women and children shoes. This depicted that no one was safe. The shoes were created by film director Can Togay and the sculptor, Gyula Pauer.
From afar you can still see the St. Stephen’s Basilica at the end of the street.
The sun was setting…
At the other end of St. Stephen’s Basilica…
It looks like this!!
Jókai Mór Statue, he was a famous Hungarian writer in the 19th century.
Budapest’s House of Terror. It was one of the museums I really wanted to visit. The entrance wasn’t so obvious for me so I asked one of the staff standing out side if this was the Terror Museum? He said yes and welcomed me in with big smile.
This was the first thing I noticed when entering. Out of respect, people are told not to take any photo’s or videos after going through admissions. This was understandable because this place exhibits the fascist regimes in the 20th century and it serves also as a memorial to the countless victims who were detained, tortured or murdered in the building. This museum was opened during early 2002. I went to every single floor, the atmosphere is so gloomy and unsettling. Especially towards the end when I took the lift down to the basement to see the torture chambers.
Next to finish up my trip I visited Hősök tere, the Heroes Square! This is a famous spot because it is largest and most symbolic square in Budapest.
In the middle you can see a tall pillar. That’s the Millenary Monument, 36 metres high in the sky. On the top stands the archangel Gabriel holding a golden crown and cross.
Very realistic statues around the pillar…So far Budapest is the most decorative city I’ve been to that has so much architecture and statues.
I had been walking all day and my feet were swollen again. Breaking into Dr.Marten boots is hard work. I checked into my hotel for the night. I was staying at Ibis next to the airport because I had an early flight home at 6:25am! Super cosy bed, great showers and I slept like a baby. My hotel also included a free breakfast for the next morning which was cool.
The Busójárás festival costumes and masks. It’s from the annual festival that is held in a town called Mohács in Hungary.
At the airport I wanted to used up all my Hungarian Forint. I bought a lot of snacks to bring home. And so…This concludes my short trip to Budapest! Next I need to work on my pictures from Okinawa…


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