Chapter 1069: Uruma City Marine History Museum (るま市立海の文化資料館)

I visited the Uruma City Marine History Museum (るま市立海の文化資料館). I think it’s a good stop after a long day to check out some really amazing Okinawan history.
There were boats on display. They looked so pretty!!
There were a lot of old tools, artefacts and utensils on display.
The museum was empty when I visited which was pretty cool. I always appreciate it when I get the exclusiveness.
They preserved some wooden boats. The overall condition still looks very good.
Fishing equipment!!
And many many Okinawan tools, some to cut wood.
Although worn you can still see the colours of paint. Very cool. The last time I went on a boat race was back in school. Would love to go again!! I remember falling into the river, in the freezing winter. Because I couldn’t swim I was holding onto the side panicking, then my teacher shouted ‘IT’S OK, STAND UP!’ and I stood up and realised the water only reached half my body and I laughed and my entire team laughed with me. Good times.
They also had a wildlife info section.
They also had taxidermy displays of birds.
This was a white Kosagi (コサギ) which is a little egret, a small heron bird.
There was a Japanese paper sign reading that these were タマウーキ tamau-ki. It was used for fishing purposes.
Interesting art work. This part of the room was called the HeartY Museum. This project was called 成長する木 the growing tree.
This part looked like an old classroom chalkboard. It’s quite funny, in my early childhood I still remember using chalk boards but swiftly moved to whiteboards. I also remember something we used in class, called an over-head-projector. Nowadays, my sisters generation wouldn’t know what it was since they’re used to just simply… projectors.
Cool display of beach umbrellas.
And insets in glass casing. There were all sorts of species from spiders, moths, butterflies etc.
Display ships.
And finally there was a 3D model of the island and island nearby. The museum consists of 2 floors and are packed with interesting things to see. Next, I got hungry and walked to the restaurant…


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