Chapter 1070: Okinawa Soki Soba (沖縄ソーキそば)

Inside the shop is a restaurant. They operated via ticket machine. I love this part of eating out in Japan. A lot of places simply have ticket machines for quicker and faster service, paid at the machine and handed my paper tickets over and my food came swiftly. I opted for Soki Soba!! Okinawa’s number one dish!! I love pork ribs!! So freaking delicious!!
I actually didn’t know they served it with a side dish of fried rice garnished with some chopped spring onions. Also a small portion of pickles. The rice was so delicious.
But the soki soba was even more delicious.
I was sitting at one of the front facing tables. Here I got to enjoy the view with my food. I’m sure on a sunny day this would be absolutely beautiful.


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