Chapter 1071: Local Okinawa Grocery Shop in Awase

On the way back to Naha city I stopped by a local Okinawa grocery shop located in a town called Awase 泡瀬. They had so many fresh fishes!!
Do you see the bright green and blue fishes? And the dark red ones? I’ve never seen fishes like these anywhere else. Also they had some fresh oysters.
In this fridge they had octopus, seaweed, scallops, bento sets with rice, tamagoyaki ready made.
They even had unagi, eel!! I love eel. It’s so delicious. The first time I had it was back in 2016 in Kobe. They had some king prawns, partly chopped lobsters, mussels and other fish.
The prices here are so cheap. I’m so used to seeing sashimi back home for higher prices so whenever I see something for less I’m always surprised. Some packs of sashimi here are 350 yen, 250 Yen and Salmon 4 pieces is only 130 Yen.
Red shrimps, iwashi mentai which is sardines that are marinated with mentaiko…I love seafood so much. In Japan presentation is part of the culture, I like how things are presented, clean and clear cut.
The glorious tuna section.
Veggie section, seasoning, eggs and sauces.
The outside of the shop. It’s always good to have a look in grocery shops, just to see what locals are buying and to explore.


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