Chapter 1080: Gyokusendo Cave End Route

During the end route of the cave there were glass tanks. One tank was labelled オオクチユゴイ(ユゴイ科) which means flagtail fish but I didn’t see anything in that tank. Then there was the コンジンテナガエビ(テナガエビ科) which is a type of shrimp, but again unfortunately there wasn’t anything in the tanks.
Coming out from the cave was a shop. This had a tropical fruit section. What did I find? Muskmelon, watermelon, and a yellow fruit that I have never seen before. It was another type of melon called Kiwano or horned melon. I’ve never tasted this kind melon before but after checking it out on google I was surprised to find out…Nope it didn’t originate from Okinawa, it actually originated from Africa. On the other side they had a muskmelon jelly.
I found a section of the shop selling deco for your home, most were made out of colourful glass. Lamps and vases….All so pretty to look at.


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