Chapter 1081: I Bought Snoopy / Peanuts Cartoon Glasses From Zoff Japan

I remember a couple of years back I made a visit to the Tokyo Snoopy Museum and it was so much fun!! Chapter 204. I love Snoopy, he’s so cute. I also remember watching the cartoon on TV a long time ago when I was a kid.
Recently, I was just browsing and found out Zoff Japan were doing a collaboration to celebrate Peanuts 70 year anniversary. They had a few selections of cute glasses inspired by Snoopy / Peanuts. I picked out a pair of purple glasses. It was listed as Zoff PEANUTS COLLECTION ZF201008-81A1 on their Oval Casual Line for 11,000 Yen. They were doing another promo for blue light blocking lenses so this time I opted for the 33% type.
It’s rimless on the top rather than the bottom. I don’t think it’s a very popular design. I’m not sure if there is an official English term for this style other than Semi-Rimless or Half-Rimmed which can refer to the top or bottom. In Japan it’s called アンダーリム – literally under rim, and also known as 逆ナイロール – Gyakunairoru.
These frames also come in a nice grey colour and it was hard to pick between the two. In the end I picked purple, the colour is very pretty and looks a little like Noelle’s glasses in Episode 150 of Black Clover. She’s one of my favourite female heroines in the series mainly because she has had one of the biggest character developments. At the beginning I really didn’t like her because she was so arrogant but now I love her so much. I do notice that a lot anime and manga female characters wear under rim glasses.
The design on these frames have 3 special things…
1) Cute side motifs! Snoopy on the right side…
and Charlie Brown on the left.
2) The inner temple has a Snoopy quote, “Keep looking up … that’s the secret of life …”.
3) The tip of the temples are shaped like Snoopy’s feet!
The more narrow the frame, the thinner my lens will look which is a good thing! At first I wasn’t sure if I should get it thinned down further for an extra fee. For 1.60 index it’s an extra 5500 Yen, 1.67 index is 7700 Yen and 1.76 index is 13200 Yen…but in the end it was fine. To save money I just went with the free promo they had for blue-light blocking lenses so I didn’t have to pay extra.
It also came with its own original soft case and a cute cleaning cloth!! The quality is amazing and I love these glasses so much!!
Whenever I get new glasses I always make sure to get it with the blue-light filters to protect my eyes from digital devices. The 33% version makes the lens look more natural and clear, the 50% version which I bought previously from Zoff’s Disney Snow White line has a yellow/brown tint. (Chapter: 963)
They’re really comfortable and feels paper-light. I also love the colour of these frames. I’ve strayed away from narrow frames and always would prefer big massive ones. But now I may have started a new obsession…


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