Chapter 1087: Habu Museum Park (ハブ博物公園)

The second most popular attraction after the cave is the Habu Musuem Park (ハブ博物公園). By the entrance is a little shrine with a real snake inside. You can put a coin in the donation box and make a wish. Also you can buy good luck charms made from real snake skin….They had snake molt, python skin, cobra skin, habu skin….
In the dark corner you can meet a red iguana. You can gently give it a stroke on its body but don’t touch its head.
Upon entering the museum I am bombarded by lit up photos of different species of snakes.
Look how long some snakes can be!!
These are habu snakes, which are used to make habushu in Okinawa. On the streets of Kokusai dori, they had them in big glass containers (Chapter 923)
This is a wild Ryukyu boar. It reminded me of Pumba from the Lion King.
Different types of habu snakes.
The ultimate camouflage. But there are snakes!
Such a beautiful snake.
Sitting in the middle, it’s hard to spot. Like many snakes out there, some come across like ninjas…


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