Chapter 1088: The Other Side of the Habu Museum

When you come out to the other side of the Habu Museum you are instantly taken into a world of other creatures. There were these really cute and fluffy bats all hanging out upside down. I managed to capture this pic of the one sticking out its cheeky tongue. They’re just so precious. I didn’t know bats could be different colours. I always thought by default they would be black like the ones you would see in movies but these all had a patch of beige.
Bats are one of the most cutest and strangest creatures out there. Wouldn’t it be cool just to hang upside down? I’ve seen youtube videos of them eating a banana and it was the cutest thing ever!!! And by the way…Doesn’t it look funny when they wrap their wings around like that? Like a cosy blanket.
Turtles!! This little guy was so hard working.
It was trying to climb over two of its friends.
This little guy seemed to have a great personality.
As a kid I always thought it’ll be so lovely to have a turtle as a pet.
A mongoose!! If you look closely this one had beautiful amber red eyes.
I never knew a tortoise would have such a long neck. It was a very lovely trip to the Habu Museum….Not only do you find snakes but other interesting species.


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