Chapter 1089: Goku! And Corn Potage (ゴクっ!とコーンポタージュ)

Ah! Just what I needed in my rain coat…on a sad and gloomy cold day…A hot can of corn potage. Before this I actually didn’t know what on earth potage meant but by the photo alone, I knew it was some sort of stew or soup. The world originated from the north of France and Potage was a medieval dish that was cooked in a pot which could have veggies, grains, meats or even fruits. In this case, it was delicious sweet corn!! And yes, from a vending machine. This was another time when a vending machine saved my life. I don’t do very well in cold climates or just bad weather makes me feel like I have no energy. This was fulfilling, basically a hot soup in a can. My belly was filled with happiness. I don’t know why we don’t have hot beverages in vending machines everywhere else in the world? It would be a dream come true. Not to mention how many times it’ll save my life on a cold day.


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