Chapter 1091: Mango Fruit Soft Cream (マンゴー果実ソフトクリーム)

When you’re in Kokusaidori in Naha, there is a popular mango dessert stand called MANGO CAFE. They have all sorts of desserts featuring the main ingredients, mangoes! This was one of the popular options on their menu which was the Mango Fruit Soft Cream. The middle is filled with mango ice cream but it leans towards more of a gelato sort of texture, smooth and bursting with flavour. The sides are ringed with delicious mango fruity bits and bottomed with a layer of cornflakes which I thought was pretty unusual. This was 680 Yen which was the more expensive version to take away. They had other options like mango shaved ice for 580 Yen and mango soft cream for 390 yen and also a simple mango drink for 400 yen. I’m a huge a fan of mango, it’s one of my favourite fruits.


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