Chapter 1093: Challenge Accepted! I Drank 100% Pure Okinawa Goya Juice

Sometimes I like a challenge! Maybe this was a bigger challenge than I had anticipated.
I like Goya champuru as a dish but goya juice alone was another story.
The taste…there was no taste, it was simply BITTER!!! MAXIMUM BITTERNESS!
It was a good thing that the bottle was quite small so I could finish it. But damn…This destroyed my taste buds and left a nasty after taste. Some people love it, some don’t. I don’t but I like the thrill of torturing myself in exchange for some health points.
It is one of the most healthiest things to consume. Goya is called Bitter Melon in English, in India they call it Karela and in Chinese it’s 苦瓜 Kugwa / Fugwa. In the western world not a lot of people know about this. But Goya promotes healthier skin, it’s good for diets / weight loss and it’s used in the treatment of diabetes. It can also be used as the form of medicine to treat chronic coughs, a fever, apparently it can help with painful period pains and cool the body down during hot weather. Goya is well known in Asian counties and apparently there are different variations of sizes and shapes.
I bought this little bottle of 100% pure Okinawa Goya juice from a stool down Kokusaidori in Naha and it costs 500 Yen. They had 2 other variations mixed with fruits. But I went hardcore on this and decided to try out the pure version.
If you’re in Okinawa, I do recommend giving it a try. Why not?


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