Chapter 1099: Chinese Culture in Okinawa

Back in 2017 when I made my first visit to Okinawa I didn’t expect it have a lot of influence by Chinese culture. For example when I explored Shuri Castle (Chapter: 88) I found out that the Ryukyu Kingdom had many things in common with China. But it has its own distinctive culture and unique history. In the gardens of Fukushuen I found these Chinese Zodiac statues on one of the bridges. A lot of Chinese people believe in this and even in ancient history people would marry depending on what year/ date/time their birthday fell on. I’m the year of the Horse so I’m told that I should avoid Rats and Ox’s because they conflict with my happiness. Of course I don’t believe in it, but it’s always interesting to learn about it since it’s such a big part of Chinese culture. My father is a pig, mother is a sheep and sister is a rabbit…If you didn’t know what I was going on about it may sound weird. I was told that I should get with either another Horse, dog, tiger or sheep. In the western world, wouldn’t it be extremely weird to ask someone: So what animal are you?
My dad.
My mum and me.
I also found some happy look statues. I’m not entirely sure if I should called them monks? or Scholars? or Buddhas?
They look so happy resting on the bridge, it’s almost too cute. I also like how different Okinawa is to the rest of Japan, especially the food. Most of what Okinawa people eat are very healthy, a lot of carbs and veggies, pork and mainly cooked meals. Okinawa is my second my beloved places to visit, because Hokkaido is still number one. But, of course one day I will go back to Okinawa to do more travelling and discover more lovely places to visit.


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