Chapter 1100: Naminoue the Shrine Above The Waves

From the highway bridge I walked my way to see the cliff. I visited the Naminoue Shrine in 2017 (Chapter: 87) but I didn’t know I could see the shrine on the cliff edge. This time I made it a mission to go see it and it was absolutely beautiful. The name Naminoue 波上宮 does mean the shrine above the waves. I think it’s quite simple yet poetic. The sun was quite strong on the day and the waters remained so blue…I could stay here all day.
A closer look at the cliff.
I like the vibe of Okinawa. It may be just because it’s a tropical paradise but I find people here very easy-going and sort of laid back.
Using my budget Canon I managed to capture the cliff from the other side of the bridge. The waters here appear more turquoise whilst fading into light green.
I also went to sit on the Naminoue Beach before (Chapter: 66) during 2017. It was lovely but with the huge high way in the way….It doesn’t look great. But from the highway peeping over to the Shrine, it was amazing!!
Spot the difference? A lot of people exercise around this area. It was like breathe of fresh air. Taking into consideration that it was raining and windy and cold during the entire week. For the sun to have lit up and blue skies to show, I felt very relieved and happy.
Apparently there is a festival held here during May, called the Nanmin Festival. I would like to go!! If you’re in Naha, I would definitely recommend going to the highway to see the nice view.


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