Chapter 1102: I Met Many Cats at the Umisora Park!!

I remember visiting Shuri in 2017 and in that area there were some cats. But here, at the Umisora Park in Naha…it had so many cats that my heart nearly exploded because I wasn’t ready for all the cute fluffiness!! This one had really beautiful jade eyes.
Cats are so beautiful, mysterious and majestic creatures. One day I will visit all the cat island in Japan. I think there’s about 11 in Japan.
This one was my favourite, it had amber golden eyes and it looks like it’s wearing socks. So cute!!
I like how they all had their own space.
There was a lovely black cat too. I’ve always admired black cats because they look the most elegant like a silhouette or a shadow.
I’m not sure they were part of one litter but it’s pretty cool to be surrounded by cats.
This ginger cat was so beautiful too, it had these faint stripes.
I had no cat food on me because I didn’t expect to find so many…
I assumed they were stray cats as some had minor but visible injuries. But if they weren’t strays…it’s a funny idea to think they gathered here for an important business meeting.
This little one had a striped tail.
This one was very friendly. It also flopped down and started grooming. Just look at its pink paws!! So squishy and cute. It looked identical to the other ginger one but you can see that they’re different because its tail doesn’t have stripes and that it looks like it wears white socks instead. One of my best friends recently got a lovely cat, one day I would like to have a fluffy friend in my life too!!


6 thoughts on “Chapter 1102: I Met Many Cats at the Umisora Park!!

    1. That’s also one of the things I’d love to do too, visit a cat island!! I’ve only visited the bunny island in Okunoshima. And I’m sure cat islands will be just as adorable. We all have to wait…But when things are normal again we can go!! ^^


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