Chapter 1104: Sorry I Had KFC in Japan For This Mug Only!!

Every time I’m in Japan I always tell myself to avoid foods that I can get back home so I can try better foods. But when I was in Naha I came across a promotion….A set meal with an exclusive Snoopy mug!! I stopped outside the store and walked passed then instantly regretted it and turned around to go in. I wanted one of the 6 exclusive KFC mugs because I like Snoopy that much. In the UK I’ve never seen a KFC set menu that had such an awesome collectable item. The set costed me ¥1,520 at the time.
So adorable!! Snoopy skiing and Woodstock following from above.
On the other side of the mug features Charlie Brown and Sally. Woodstock skiing whilst wearing a red winter hat!! Too cute…
In the middle it features Lucy building a snowman.
On the inside of my mug they’ve printed a picture of Lucy fishing.
I absolutely love this mug and it’s my favourite!!
Of course I kept the box too because they’ve designed it to look like the school bus!
And Snoopy is driving.
I was a happy bunny!!


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