Chapter 555: Sawasaki Suisan (海鮮食堂 澤崎水産)

Sawasaki Suisan (海鮮食堂 澤崎水産)

This was a small family run restaurant with small numbers of wooden seats. You just can’t miss it because it has massive colourful signs outside the shop. They offer all sorts of seafood on rice dishes. And, I went for the most popular dish they had, everything-don set! It had Tobiko, Salmon Roe, Salmon Sashimi, Prawn and Crab Meat, Uni, Squid hidden underneath, it was. seafood surprise. It came with miso-soup that was boiled with crab, it tasted delicious!! I can’t get enough fresh crab meat and the uni here was very creamy and sweet!! Before going to Hokkaido I never liked Salmon-Roe, I always thought it tasted funny back home but here, it became very addictive because flavour is absolutely different and makes a great onigiri filling too, I could eat it everyday.


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