Chapter 566: Otaru Suitengu Shrine (小樽 水天宮)

Otaru Suitengu Shrine (小樽 水天宮)

This is the Otaru Suitengu Shrine. I have visited the main branch back in Kurume: CHAPTER 391: KURUME SUITENGŪ SHRINE (久留米水天宮)

However, the Otaru branch also has its charms, it located on top of a steep hill with many stone stairs. I have to be honest I was very tired by the time I reached the top but it was ok. I was surrounded by that rare peaceful silence in contrast to the buzzing shopping streets, no one around but myself to enjoy a moment of being stripped away from the busy city. When you’re on the shrine grounds, you’re approx 50 meters above sea level!


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