Chapter 658: Matsuyama Castle (松山城)

Matsuyama Castle (松山城)

One of the places I really wanted to visit was the Matsuyama Castle!! I had very limited amount of time as I had to make a 3 hour trip across Shikoku to reach Kotohira. But, I spent every moment loving the city! The castle is a special one as it’s one the twelve original castles of Japan. It’s located on top of a very steep hill that blesses the castle with a beautiful view of the city.

I took the easy route and it costs 510 yen for a return ticket and its fun!! There are 2 options: You can take the single chairlift (which I did for both ways) or the ropeway. And, if you’re up for it, just simply leg-it! I like the chairlift more only because you don’t have to be squeezed in one spot and you get a chair to yourself! To enter the castle itself you will have to pay another 510 yen.

I was quite lucky to see some lovely cherry blossoms, I think there were 1-2 trees that still had some pom pom pinks! There’s a museum inside the castle and you will be able to explore some awesome artefacts, and take a look at the amazing view!! It was such a bright day so it made the visit even better! There was also the Matsuyama Castle Ninomaru Historical Garden (松山城二之丸史跡庭園) which I didn’t visit as I was running out of time and needed to catch the next train. Entry fee is an extra 200 Yen, maybe in the future when I revisit Matsuyama I’ll have a look around. Overall it was a wonderful experience!!


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