Chapter 745: Morioka to Hachinohe

Going to Hachinohe from Morioka is only about half an hour away via the shinkansen. I was on an early start and couldn’t wait. I had to reserve my seat as the train I needed was by reservation only which is free when you have a JR pass, just pop yourself into any JR ticket office in advance and they they will reserve a seat for you. Best thing to do is search for the train time you need first, have it ready on your phone to show them exactly what you want. I use Hyperdia because it’s the most reliable when in Japan.
Hachinohe is a bit of a mysterious place for me because I didn’t do much research about the area beforehand. I was intending to spend few hours exploring before my shuttle bus comes to pick me up to take me to Aomoriya where I will be staying for the night.
There were long rows of pretty koinobori displayed at the station.
And these wooden horses! Which are called, Yawata-Uma. It’s actually a local toy that is said to have a history of 700 years old, originally they were popular souvenirs sold during the shrine festivals. They are also a symbol of good luck.


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