Chapter 865: Ryokan Kamogawa (旅館加茂川)

A Ryokan based in the heart of Asakusa, located near the Kaminarimon where the streets are very lively. Despite that, my room was on the top floor, very quiet and comfortable. There is a lift so don’t worry if you have luggage, some Ryokans…Especially some old ones don’t have any lifts. I was staying in an Economy Room, it was about 75 sq ft, ideal for 1-2 people. I don’t mind small hotels since I’m usually travelling outside from morning to night, having a basic bed, bathroom, tv is all that matters…But sometimes I like to splurge, just a little bit every now and then as a treat to myself.

The staff was extremely kind, informatively, super welcoming…There’s a public bath area too, but you have to book in advance and most of the time it’s always booked up. But that was ok with me, because by the time I returned back each night it was late. Which reminds me, if you return or leave before 6am or 11pm, you are instructed to use the back door. The back door also has a locking system but you will be given a code upon checking in. Overall my stay was very very comfortable and convenient! I paid about 15000 Yen for 2 nights, considering the location…I thought it was a great deal.


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