Chapter 883: Dinner at Asakusa Sushiwaka (浅草すし若 )

It was such a long day and I was starving. I found this lovely restaurant near the hotel I was staying at. The restaurant is called Asakusa Sushiwaka (浅草すし若 ). When I went in, I was the first customer of evening. The chef and staff were super super nice and friendly. First I ordered, a super platter with a side of uni, salmon roe and a moving abalone…Yes the abalone was still moving, fresh…I left it to last. But ordered 3 more nigiri’s, blue shrimp, fatty tuna and the beef. Seriously, I was super hungry so I finished everything!! *PROUD & STUFFED* Everything was delicious, the chef kept me company by chatting to me about travel plans and which part of Japan I liked best, he was surprised I mentioned cities like Sapporo as he also said he loved Sapporo. And wanted to know where else I’m going? Great experience and brilliant dinner.


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