Chapter 974: I Caught New Pokémon!

Hi, I recently got the Pokemon Cafe Mix Edition – Munchlax. I’m also very very addicted to the Cafe Mix game!! It’s Japanese name in Gonbe ゴンべ and it has been one of my all time favourites. I actually have a very old plush purse bag that I used to use quite often but it’s buried alive somewhere. I was very tempted to get the others like Eevee or Lucario but I passed. One of the main things I like about this plushie is the mini red hat it wears on one of its ears. IT’S SERIOUSLY TOO CUTE…

From the Gala region Sword & Shield….one my most favourites has to be Polteageist! It’s Japanese name is ポットデス – Death Pot, which for me sounds like drugs? Anyway, I think it just reminds me a little bit of Gudetama which I also love! I couldn’t resist this plushie either and had to get it. Compared to Munchlax it’s much more smaller in size. Both of them are so adorable, soft and detailed. I’m literally over the moon right now.

I really wish Pokemon was real, wouldn’t that just make life so much fun?


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