Chapter 91: Going to Fukuoka for the Black Butler Musical in Early Feb 2018


I recently bought these 2 items from Amazon Japan; G Fantasy Jan 2018 and Campania’s Special Book which came with a cute little bag! As a mega fan of the series it has always been a dream to watch one of the musicals live on stage!!

The main reason that reinforced my travel plans to visit Fukuoka in early February this year is because of the Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Musical ~ Tango on the Campania ~ I will be attending the performance on the 12-02-2018 at the venue in Kurume, City Plaza The Grand Hall. I purchased my ticket through eplus Japan for only 5500 Yen! They’re showing the musical in 5 cities: Tokyo, Kobe, Aichi, Ishikawa, and Fukuoka being the last city the performance will take place in.

Sebastian will be played by Yuuta Furukawa and Ciel, Reo Uchikawa! Both from the previous, Noah’s Ark Musical. I really love them so much!! Although I can not forget Yuuya Matsushita from all the other Black Butler Musicals as he has a voice that makes me melt. And who can forget GRELL! Played by the best Grell in the world, Takuya Uehara!! The best Druitt, Yoshihide Sasaki and the best Undertaker, Souhei Izumi!  ❤

I’ll also be using my time to explore Hakata, Nagasaki, Kumamoto and Kurume. (Possibly Beppu/Oita if I can fit it in my schedule) *Excitement*

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


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