Chapter 189: Tokyo Ryokan Takemine

Planted in one of the most quiet areas in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku Tokyo
Wooden Automatic Doors
The view upon entering
The lovely waiting area
Pretty bamboo and umbrella decoration. Next to the smoking area.
There’s a vending machine before the lift up on the ground floor near reception
I love how the stairways are lit, really sets that authentic mood
The design of the building is really is peaceful and pretty
Room 202, have to drop off your keys when going out
1 Person 1 double sized bed, this was very comfy and slept like a baby
Good spot to put my luggage!!


Free water, tea, coffee
The drink fridge, will be billed at the end of your stay if you do decide to drink something
Some canned food
The microwave and fridge
TV with a dvd box below
n7Z%BS7TRRiD3isQ9IXcRg_thumb_61a 2
I was watching a NHK series about a guy going back in time…
Yukata & Obi
Even the door knobs were pretty!
Kinda felt like I was at the spa


From toothbrush to bath salt, you get a new stash everyday.
Hair dryer is expected but…Hair styler too? Amazing.


The bathtub can turn into a jaccuzzi with changing lights, plus they had a bathroom TV!!
A Japanese breakfast with Mackerel


Rice, Miso Soup & Tea
A Japanese Breakfast with Salmon


The Western Style Breakfast with vegetable soup


Night time lights outside the drive way

I saved up to stay at a lovely modern ryokan in Takadanobaba Tokyo. One thing I didn’t know was the fact that the location was placed in a very residential area, being that it is slightly away from the JR station and restaurants etc. But, I quickly adjusted. As it was only a 15 min walk to the JR station and it’s approx 5 minutes away from Shimo-ochiai station (Seibu-Shinjuku Line) which means you can’t use your JR pass. There is a nearby 7-Eleven shop reachable within 2-3 minutes. So that was a thumbs up!!

The customer service was brilliant, they were very all so welcoming and helpful staff members. Couldn’t say more!! My room was on the 2nd floor, luckily there was a lift that goes to all floors! Everyone I met inside the hotel were absolutely lovely people. They speak some English, mainly Japanese. I witnessed a member of staff at the front desk helping a tourist couple who wanted some suggestions on restaurants nearby.

My room was spacious for 1 person and found myself leaping for joy when I found out the bathtub has a jacuzzi mode. That was fun!! And you can dim the lights and watch TV, but the steam would make the waterproof screen foggy but it was worth the try. And, very relaxing. At night, sometime during the evening I could smell tobacco coming from the windows, must be the night shifters (Not a big fan of the smell and certainly put a frown on my face) also another down side is the fact they don’t have coin laundry machines in the premises, but luckily you can pop by to the laundrettes nearby.

In the morning I would get a call to see if it was ok for breakfast? YES!! A member of staff will bring the food into the room! That was unusual for me, but this ryokan really puts privacy to its upmost level! Now… what really got me was the food being A++++!! Each evening when I return back to the reception they will ask what I wanted to eat, they have dishes on rotation and my favourite was obviously the Japanese dishes (Salmon & Mackerel) the western variety was alright (Egg, baby sausages), I particularly liked the veggie soup and crispy hash browns. But nothing beats Miso & Rice with something on top!

My overall experience staying at the modern ryokan for just under a week had been pleasant and enjoyable. Cost-wise it was about 10,000 Yen a night including breakfast. I can say it was one of the nicest hotels I’ve been to, especially after a long days worth of travelling, it was wonderful coming back to pure relaxation and knowing you pretty much have all the amenities you need.


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